Legacy Transformation

MainframeEspalierTechs experienced team of senior consultants has worked in key positions of major Legacy Business Transformation undertakings and provides significant skills in all areas of such projects.

Our senior consultants have helped clients in all phases of such projects from initial technology analyses, proof of concepts and Application Platform design to Software Architecture implementation including scalability, reliability and performance tuning & testing. By supporting clients to define their architecture characteristics and technical requirements, design and implement proof of concepts and Solution Architectures, our experts enabled clients to reach their legacy transformation goals for major mission critical applications.

We know what:

  • documentation last being updated 30 years ago
  • missing unknown and/or wrong requirements
  • unknown architecture characteristics
  • culture impact
  • undocumented database and service models
  • failure and performance impact of distribution
  • high-availability and high-reliability

… in respect to legacy renewal projects mean.

Our experts have supported large clients in all these aspects of major renewal initiatives and know about the involved risks and how they are mitigated.