Java EE Experts


EspalierTechs’ experienced team of senior consultants helps to design powerful software architectures that meet a client’s reliability, availability, performance and security requirements.

No One Knows Java EE Like Us

By being involved in first generation Java EE projects Espalier Technologies architects and developers have learnt, sometimes even the hard way, Java EE best practices which can now be re-used to dramatically reduce time, scope and cost-risks associated with project implementations.

While Java EE has matured over the last fews years the number of technologies supported has increased, from the inclusion of Java Persistence (JPA) and Java Server Faces (JSF) to Java Batch. Additionally in the “real world”, real problems frequently require going beyond the basics of Java EE and using advanced additional feature of individual application server implementations. For example many large customers have complex availabilty and failover requirements which lay outside the offical Java EE specifications but are vital for day to day business. Our consultants have worked on such issues for many years and can provide quick solutions to most Java EE integration problems.

Knowledge Transfer

Our consultants ensure through careful knowledge transfer and mentoring that a company can effectively utilize and maximize the return on its Java EE solution. We guide project implementations from feasibility studies to production.

Java EE Services

  • Architecting
    High availability and performance, transaction modelling, distributed JMS
  • Integrating
    Caching and data grid products, hibernate, Apache plug-in
  • Migrating
    WebLogic to JBoss, upgrades
  • Health checks
    Packaged service covering security, performance, JVM configuration
  • Tuning
    JVM configuration, thread pools, data source setup, JMS configuration
  • Troubleshooting
    Reliability issues diagnosed and isolated
  • Security
    LDAP/Active Directory integration, encryption configuration

Java Expert Group Members


The Java Community Process (JCP) gives experts and users an opportunity to participate in the development and maintenance of the Java platform.

EspalierTechs’ team members support the JCP and several Java Specification Requests (JSR) such as JSR 352 Java Batch and JSR 354 Money and Currency API by providing input for the specifications expert groups. We look forward to supporting additional JSR such as for Java Configuration.

Over the years we designed and developed numerous mission-critical, distributed, high volume applications requiring highest scalability capabilities and error resiliency using Java EE.