High Availability Java EE with Oracle RAC


Our Course Needs Your Input

Over the next few weeks, we will be working on the course outline for a new course concerning High Availability Java EE with Oracle RAC. After this we will be drafting the courses possible materials such as development labs and demonstrations.

This is where we really need your input: to help ensure that this course is valuable to people like you – people who might consider taking the course – We want to make sure that it incorporates ideas and tools that would interest you. For a start we would like to know:

  • The target audience for the course: Who is it ?
  • The title of the course: Will it make sense to the audience ?

It’s often commented that “you know a subject well when you can teach it confidently.”

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Please use the comment form below to send us any ideas or feedback you have. Also we will automatically inform you as the course develops.

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