Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect

EspalierTechs experienced team of proven Software Architects helps to design powerful software architectures that meet a client’s reliability, availability, performance and security requirements.

Our team supports our client’s goals not only by defining the target architecture characteristics but also in the design, validation and implementation of it. Our Architects have worked on several major projects and helped to define the technical architecture of several large-scale applications and landscapes of major companies.

Architecture Proof

The goal is to determine whether a technical architecture exhibits the qualities needed to deliver a scalable, robust, and technically feasible solution for the client.

Architecture Evaluation

A client needs an end-to-end prototype to validate business functionality and technical capability for a specific architecture in an enterprise environment. Sample scenarios and proven architecture patterns, feasibility, ease-of-use, and technical capabilities have to be proven and ensured.

Architecture Coaching & Mentoring

The client wants to extend its architecture team with a senior consultant to coach and mentor the project team, therefore minimizing skill gaps and risks.

Architecture Implementation

The proven architecture must be fully implemented and tested for production readiness.
Future state tests A system is stable on production but new requirement or significant changes require a test of the Architecture characteristics to ensure it is still suitable.

Architecture and Landscape Reengineering

An existing architecture or landscape must be reengineered to meet new requirements or reduce maintenance costs. Parallel operations and zero-downtime must be ensured.