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Documentation We need to create some documentation for a project using DocBook, its nice if you are creating a large document with lots of different authors and input from several files (sources, messages, examples etc). Downside is its based on

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The Espalier Chronicles

1998 – 2000 Espalier Technologies was founded in November 1998 in┬áZurich as a┬áprivately owned partnership between Joe Pullen and Marcus Rimmer. The initial focus is to provide middleware consulting services for major Swiss financial institutions such as UBS and Swiss

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Working with EspalierTech means working with a team of vibrant, passionate people consistently focusing on a Win-Win relationship with our clients. Our team of senior consultants builds mission critical high-tech solutions out of passion, fun and foremost competency in building

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A Passion for Software Development “In spite of the rise of Microsoft and other giant producers, software remains in large part a craft industry. Because of the enormous variety of specialized applications, there will always be room for individuals to

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