OOP2014: Introduction to JSR 352 Java Batch and Spring Batch

With the release of Java EE 7, batch processing was standardized and provided as a reference implementation based on the new specification “JSR 352 Java Batch”. The reference implementation of the JSR provides an implementation of JEE Batch integrated into Glassfish 4. In context of current legacy renewal and business transformation efforts, the ability to develop high-end, mission-critical batch jobs supporting extensive scalability and failure resiliency is essential for the success.

Until now Spring Batch addressed those characteristics in a flexible and extensive way. With JSR 352 the core concepts were now standardized. The talk will give an in-depth introduction to JSR 352 and Spring Batch providing a good foundation allowing architects to decide when to use JSR 352 or Spring Batch.

Come to OOP 2014 in Munich and see us presenting about Java JSR 352 and Spring Batch with examples.

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